Homely Recipes


                 Nullipittu is a special type of snack prepared especially by the ‘Chetti’castes of Wayanad district in Kerala. It is prepared using rice flour and ripe banana. (Rice flour used for making ‘puttu’. i.e.; the rice flour should not be very fine. It should be roasted at least for 5 minutes.) But I use to prepare ‘nullippittu’ by adding jaggery and grated coconut, in addition to banana and rice flour. The presence of jaggery and coconut gives a special taste to the ‘nullippittu’.


8 teaspoons of rice flour

Jaggery syrup prepared from 2 lumps of jaggery

4 teaspoons of grated coconut

1 ripe banana (Palayankodan, Mysore poovan or Poovan)

Coconut oil for frying


Take rice flour in a bowl. Add grated coconut to it. Peel the banana and squeeze it with your hands. Ten mix it with the flour. Pour the…

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