Mango jam(Mango Jelly)


All of us like jam..Children always like different types of jams. But always having jam is not good for health because they contain different types of preservatives and artificial colouring agents. So let’s try to prepare jam which do not cause any harm to our health, especially that of children. Today I would like to share you the recipe of mango jam which is very tasty and of course you can please your kids as well. Even the mangoes which are very sour can be used for this purpose. You can have it along with bread, chappathi etc. or even as such.



2 ripe mango fruits

3 lumps of jiggery


1 teaspoon ghee




Peel the mangoes and cut into pieces and keep them in abowl. Take jiggery in a bowl and add water to it. Keep it over the flame and make a syrup.It should not be very thick. Remove the bowl from the stove. Keep a non-stick pan over the flame.Pour the syrup into the pan through a sieve to remove impurities. Add mango to the syrup. Stir it gently. When the mango is cooked properly, add ghee and stir well. The jam should not be too watery or too thick. When it has the reached the proper consistency, remove it from the flame , add cardamom powder and stir well. Serve it with bread and chappathi. You can spread the jam on chappathis and roll it. It is a good snack for your children or husband and makes them feel that you care for their health.



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