Nullipittu is a special type of snack prepared especially by the ‘Chetti’castes of Wayanad district in Kerala. It is prepared using rice flour and ripe banana. (Rice flour used for making ‘puttu’. i.e.; the rice flour should not be very fine. It should be roasted at least for 5 minutes.) But I use to prepare ‘nullippittu’ by adding jaggery and grated coconut, in addition to banana and rice flour. The presence of jaggery and coconut gives a special taste to the ‘nullippittu’.


8 teaspoons of rice flour

Jaggery syrup prepared from 2 lumps of jaggery

4 teaspoons of grated coconut

1 ripe banana (Palayankodan, Mysore poovan or Poovan)

Coconut oil for frying


Take rice flour in a bowl. Add grated coconut to it. Peel the banana and squeeze it with your hands. Ten mix it with the flour. Pour the jaggery syrup into the bowl through a sieve to remove unwanted impurities if any. (The syrup should not be too watery. Add only less water while preparing the syrup.) Now mix all the components together with your hand. It should be tight dough.

Place a fry pan with oil over a low flame. When the oil has heated, put small portions of the dough either with a spoon or with your hands into the oil. Slightly increase the flame. Stir gently with a turner till they become light golden brown. Now transfer them to a plate. Repeat the process with the remaining dough. You can prepare 2 or 3 at a time. You can store it for 2 to 3 days.


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