Bitter gourd fry



                          There are many people who doesn’t like the ‘bitterness’ of bitter gourd. this problem can be solved by preparing bitter gourd fry. My grandmother used to fry different things such as bitter gourd, pea, skin of ash gourd, green chilli. lady’s finger and so on. These are fried after drying them in the sun. It can be stored for months. 


2 bitter gourds cut into fine round pieces

Salt to taste

1/2 cup loose curd

Coconut oil required to fry 



         Before cutting the bitter gourd into thin round pieces, it should be immersed in salt solution for 3 to 4 hours. If possible clean it using a scrub which would help to remove chemicals which are sprayed to prevent decaying and attack from pests.(It was published by the Health Authority) . Take these pieces of bitter gourd in a pan. Add two teaspoons of water to it. Add salt and keep the pan over low flame. Close it with a lid. Stir occasionally.  care should be taken not to break the pieces. When it is half cooked, switch off the stove. Remove these pieces from the pan spread them on a plastic sheet or cotton cloth and keep it in the sun. In the evening when the sunlight fades, take these dried pieces and dip them the curd which is taken in vessel. Add a pinch of salt to it. Next morning, take these out  and again dry in the sun. In the evening dip these pieces in the same curd that you used the previous day. Continue the process for a week.Ensure that it has dried properly.

        Keep a fry pan over a low flame. Add coconut oil to it. Take only the required quantity of dried bitter gourd. when the oil is hot put it in the oil and stir well. Do not over fr, for it will reduce the taste. It is used as a side dish for rice.

        The remaining dried bitter gourd can be stored in an air tight container. If possible, dry them in the sun once in two weeks.


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