Tapioca fry



                                 This tapioca fry is not the tapioca chips that we usually buy from market. In order to prepare this tapioca fry, we should first boil the tapioca after cutting it into cylindrical pieces.  Then it has to be cut into fine pieces and dried in the sun for 4 to 5 days till it is dried properly. Since all  the water content present in tapioca gets evaporated, it can be stored for months. Usually we dry tapioca during summer season.


  1. 1 tapioca.
  2. Salt as required.
  3. Water required to boil tapioca.
  4. Coconut oil required to fry tapioca.



  • Peel tapioca and wash thoroughly in plenty of water 2 or 3 times.
  • Cut it into 3 or 4 cylindrical pieces.


  •  Take water in a vessel and place it on the stove.
  • When eater starts boiling put the pieces into it.
  • Add required salt.
  • When tapioca has cooked properly(Do not overcook), drain water from the vessel.
  • Transfer the tapioca to a flat vessel.
  • Let it cool.
  • When cooled, cut each piece into two, vertically.
  • Slice it into fine pieces.


  • Spread these pieces on a cotton cloth or plastic sheet and keep it in the sun for 4 to 5 days till all the water has evaporated completely.
  • Keep a  pan over the low flame.
  • Pour coconut oil required to fry tapioca.(Take only the required amount of tapioca pieces)
  • When oil becomes hot, put tapioca pieces into the oil.
  • Stir gently.
  • Fry till  golden brown color comes. Do not over fry.
  • Transfer them to another vessel.
  • When cooled , store in air tight container.

Note:   Fry only the required quantity of dried tapioca and keep the remaining for future use.


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