Lady’s finger fry

Lady’s finger fry can be used as a side dish for rice. I feel that it is better than pappad because pappad contains baking soda in a large quantity. Moreover it is very tasty too. It takes very less time to prepare. My friend Sony Mary used to bring this fry to school every day. That was how I tasted it for the first time.



  1. 2 Lady’s fingers
  2. A pinch of turmeric powder
  3. A pinch of red chilly powder
  4. Salt as required
  5. Coconut oil required to fry it


Method                                                                                             Image                                 

                Wash the lady’s finger thoroughly. Cut it into thin pieces as shown in the figure. Add salt, turmeric powder and chilly powder and mix well. Keep the fry pan over the flame. Pour coconut oil. When the oil is hot put these pieces and stir well. Remove from the pan when it attains a brown colour. Serve hot.







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