Puffed rice upma(Pori Upma)

      When I was a school child, my mother used to prepare special tasty dishes for me. One day, I was surprised to see puffed rice upma on the table. It was very tasty. When I grew up, I also started experimenting with different recipes. It is not only tasty, but also very easy to prepare. 


  1. Puffed rice                            : 2 cups
  2. Salt                                        : as required
  3. Curry leaves                          : 1 sprig
  4. Onion                                     : 1 finely chopped
  5. Ginger                                    :1 small piece finely chopped
  6. Red chilli                                :1 cut into 3 or  4 pieces
  7. Roasted gram                         : 1 teaspoon
  8. Mustard seeds                        : 1/2 spoon
  9. Coconut oil                        :1 teaspoon

Keep the kadhai or pan over the flame. Pour oil into it. When it is hot add mustard. Let it pop in the oil. Add red chilli and roasted grams and stir it. When roasted gram becomes slight brown colour, add finely chopped ginger,chopped onion and curry leaves and stir it. Add puffed rice into kadhai , sprinkle salt over it and stir it. Close it with a lid. Reduce the flame.After 2 minutes, remove the lid and stir it. Switch off the burner.Transfer the upma into a bowl.Now it is ready to serve.

Note: If a yellow colour is needed for the upma, add a small pinch of turmeric powder into the pan Just before putting puffed rice.


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