Jack fruit fry


I tasted it for the  first time on a Vishu day. My mother was  frying banana.When she finished  doing that ,she asked me “Why don’t we try with jackfruit?” Actually it was a trial. But the result was “tasty”. I request all of you to try this.


  1. Ripe Jack fruit arils(Varikka)   : 4
  2. sugar                                                               : 2 teaspoons
  3. Wheat flour                                                 : 1 cup
  4. Water                                                               : as required
  5. Coconut oil                                                   : just enough to fry the item
  6. Cardamom powder                                   : a pinch




Take t he wheat flour in a dish. Add sugar and cardamom powder. Make a paste with the wheat flour by adding enough water.Remove   the seeds from the jack fruit arils. Divide the jack fruit arils into by cutting vertically. It is better to use ‘Varikka’ jack fruit than ‘Koozha’. Keep the pan over the flame. Add enough coconut oil. Let the oil  become hot. Dip each piece of jack fruit in flour paste put it in the oil one after the other.Let both sides become golden-yellow colour. stir it using a turner. transfer it to a dry vessel. Fry other pieces in the same way. Serve hot. It will be very crispy when served hot.


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